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Our next free seminar on self defense and physical conditioning is Friday, June 30 from 6 - 9 PM. Call or email to confirm availability and save a space.

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Participant Reviews

Here is what some of our participants have written about their experiences in Via Potentia:

Vern wrote: "I have been involved in the self defense class at Via Potentia for two months and it has become one of the best things I have done toward getting fit. As an older, overweight person I was a little concerned with how I would fare, but the class is set up so that participants can go at their own pace. While folks are encouraged to push their limits, they are never compelled to do so. There is a wide mix of participants and everyone is very friendly and encouraging!"

Alex wrote: "I had been looking for a self defense class for women that included more than martial arts, and Via Potentia came along at just the right time!! The instruction is very 'user friendly', and I feel confident during class not embarrassed or demeaned. Even though the class is mixed, everyone is very friendly. I have gained greater balance, strength and flexibility in the 4 months I have been in class. I am really glad this is an on going class, not a short term 'workshop', so I know I can get a good foundation for real self defense, and I get a really good workout every class too! I really cannot say enough about Via Potentia, it is everything I wanted in a self defense class!"

John wrote: "This program is one of the greatest for modern self defense. It focuses on practical applications for today's environment and it is very comprehensive. It even focuses on ethics and first aid!"

Roc wrote: "Via Potentia is a newly developed program which combines self defense and physical conditioning in a positive, family-oriented environment. Traditional martial arts, elements of MMA, real world self defense techniques, and sound physical fitness principles meet classic ethics to form a balanced system of self defense in a world of danger and uncertainty. Stand-up fighting, grappling, stick work, conventional weapons, gun safety, and first aid/CPR training are all available. And free public self defense seminars are held monthly."

We're very thankful for these comments, and strive to offer a good program and adapt it to people's abilities.

We welcome comments, questions and suggestions for improvement.
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