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Our next free seminar on self defense and physical conditioning is Friday, June 30 from 6 - 9 PM. Call or email to confirm availability and save a space.

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Annual Open House

Once or twice a year we host an open house event for the general public. It consists of four, half hour seminars, each separated by a half hour break. People are welcome to watch, participate, ask questions, etc. The general schedule is:

10:00Basic Principles of Self Defense
11:00Physical Conditioning; flexibility, endurance and strength
2:00Upright Sparring; no-contact, contact, point and continuous
3:00Grappling; positioning, take downs and submissions
4:00Stick and Other Weapons Sparring

Modest refreshments are available. Wear comfortable clothes if you wish to participate.

Our next open house is on July 24.

We welcome comments, questions and suggestions for improvement.
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