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Our next free seminar on self defense and physical conditioning is Friday, July 29 from 6 - 9 PM. Call or email to confirm availability and save a space.

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Prices and Discounts

In general we ask for $150 for a three month term. For those who wish to pay month-to-month, we ask for $60 per month. Returning/continuing participants get 10% off, as do referrals.

We do not require long-term financial contracts, nor do we have any hidden/surprise fees.

Our standard rates are already at least 30% lower than most other local programs. But why stop there?


Self defense and martial arts are great family activities, but the costs can add up and be prohibitive. Because one of our emphases is the protection of the family, we have a generous family discount program. The first participant from a family is regular price. The next two members are 50% off. Any family members after that are free. By "family" we mean immediate members of the conventional nuclear family.

Friends and Referrals

We welcome friends and encourage referrals. Exercise programs are usually more fun if you are participating with other people that you know and like. If a new student is referred by a current one, both participants receive 10% off that term's tuition.


Most martial arts increase their fees over time, especially belt tests. We decrease ours. For every contiguous term that a student participates, his tuition decreases by 1% (for a maximum of 10%).

Other Discounts and Scholarships

In our experience people who get full scholarships do not have a personal investment in the program and so never fully commit to or benefit from the training. Consequently, we do not offer full scholarships.

However, we have never and will never reject a student purely for failure to pay. If, for whatever reason, you can't afford the standard tuition, just pay as much as you can. We may ask you to contribute work -- perhaps cleaning the gym on Fridays -- to cover the difference. We'd much rather have people who want to be here in class and benefitting from the curriculum, even if it means not receiving the full tuition payment.

See the web page for the Via Potentia Foundation for more information on tuition assistance.

We welcome comments, questions and suggestions for improvement.
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